Workshops & Facilitation



To empower and facilitate great projects that can reflect the true voice they need its a passion of mine, using participatory arts and enable participants to own their own projects.

I am ME

I Am…Me is a film made in collaboration with This New Ground, our participants and Victor Rios along with Three Blokes Productions. Over a series of creative workshops exploring themes of identity and self perception, the group developed this film which showcases the personalities, strengths and talents of the individuals that make up This New Ground’s Collective.

The Heroes of Croydon

working with Croydon Disability Youth Project to explore diverse role models and superheroes with a group of disabled young people aged 14 – 18 in Croydon.

The project aimed to benefit young people by developing a range of creative skills by creating their own superheroes and superhero tales. These were shared in a performance for family, friends and the local community and through the creation of a new comic book: The Great Heroes of Croydon.

The Paper Project - Workshops

We spent a whole weekend where we worked with a group of refugees and migrants where we could explore how we can tell stories where language is not a barrier.

Silent Short Film – Independent

Where participants were camera operators and directors. A film made in collaboration with Spare Tyre, Uniting Friends and our participants with Learning Disabilities. Made over a fun 10 weeks of workshops on the theme of Protest, the group developed this film about being independent.

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